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1. Starting March 10, 2021 the full page will go Online including a vast group of new interactive Menus.

2. SLITWRIST is currently recording their first official Music Video in New York City for their first Single 'Died in Pain'.

Later on they are entering the studio to finish their debut LP 'Died in Pain' that's been Extended and Remastered, including new tracks.

3. Both DYNASTY OF DARKNESS and SLITWRIST albums will soon be hosted on all Digital Streaming Platforms, currently available on Bandcamp [Follow Link Below]

4. NECROMURDER: A Black Metal Story wins the award for Best Movie at FICIME Film Festival (2019) and 'Best Music' on the legendary SHOCKFEST International Film Festival (2020).

5. Morbid's three Screenplays 'The Darkest of Fears', 'Behind the Sun' and 'Heart of Doom' updated versions and 2nd editions including illustrations to be released in March 10, 2020 under Morbid's Amazon account [Link coming soon]

6. Official Youtube Channel 'Everything Morbid' Will be launched including a few new episodes, which includes 'The darkest thing I found on Google', 'Meeting Ozzy Osbourne at Amoeba Records', 'Cruising through Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and more...

7. A private and limited Zoom Call with Morbid will be arranged where he will do a Q&A answering any questions you throw at him. Moderators will be present and any rude or slanderous behavior will caused 

you to be banned.

8. A Dark Poetry Book is in the works and will be released in Spring.

9. The Official Facebook and Instagram pages have been added to the Social Media Links. Make sure to check them out and Follow Morbid Blackstar.

10. A P.O Box will be released in order for you to communicate and send letters to Morbid Blackstar.

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