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Selected Film Works

I travel the world, and while at it I like to capture my visits with bizarre and obscure Photography and Short Film stories. Italy, Norway, USA, Japan and South Africa have seen some of my wickedest works. 

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My Story

When I was Cancelled and after a frustrating couple of years trying to rebuild my brand, I decided to pursue another passion of mine which is Filmmaking, this time I enrolled at the world's no.1 Film school : the New York Film Academy and in 2017 I received my title of Master in Fine Arts in Filmmaking and I shot an amazing Metal Horror Short film called NECROMURDER which went on to win a few important Awards in the International Film Festival universe, after that I found a new found glory and decided to start making Movies full time. Today NERCOMURDER has expanded into a full Feature Film which has been shot and completed and is currently in the last stages of Post Production Hell. 

In here you can find some of my Selected Works consisting mostly of Short Films that I've shot through Centuries.

I hope you Enjoy my works.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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