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Selected Works

Morbid Blackstar's journey through the abyss of music traces back to epochs long forgotten, where the echoes of his fury reverberate through the annals of time. Prepare yourself, for here lie his most malevolent creations, handpicked to rend your soul asunder and make your ears bleed with pleasure.

But are you truly worthy of bearing witness to his infernal majesty? Prove your allegiance in the crucible of the forum, where only the most devoted disciples dare to tread. Show us your collection, adorned with the darkest gems of Morbid's discography, and we shall bestow upon you a sacred gift: an autograph from the abyss itself, a token of our recognition for your unwavering devotion.

For Morbid Blackstar does not merely create music; he conjures nightmares from the depths of the collective unconscious, weaving sonic tapestries of despair and defiance. And as you journey deeper into his realm, know that you walk the path of the chosen few, initiated into a brotherhood bound by blood and darkness.

Morbid Blackstar, a figure shrouded in the darkest echoes of Monterrey's underground metal scene, emerged like a demon from the shadows of the early 2000s. Born of the grit and grime of Nuevo Leon's industrial heart, his journey through the entrails of the city's music scene began with a roar that would echo through the annals of metal history.

In those formative years, Morbid prowled the stages of Monterrey's dingiest clubs, fronting a cacophony of subversive metal acts. With each blistering performance, he carved his name deeper into the flesh of the local scene, his voice a banshee wail that carried the weight of defiance and rebellion.


synergy of souls (prev. visceral pain)

Morbid's journey through the dark corridors of the metal underworld has been nothing short of legendary. It was with his band, Synergy of Souls, that Morbid first began to ascend the ranks of metal's dark pantheon. No, he delved even deeper into the abyss, channeling his dark heart into the brutal onslaught of Visceral Pain, a death metal monstrosity that tore through the veil of sanity with relentless fury. Their music, a primal fusion of blistering riffs and guttural vocals, struck fear into the hearts of the uninitiated and drew the faithful into their infernal embrace. Night after night, they waged war on the mundane, their music a weapon forged in the fires of their collective fury. They recorded their first LP album '... From Darkness to Darkness' in 2005 and changed their name to Synergy of Souls.

In the seething cauldron of Monterrey's metal scene, Morbid Blackstar forged his legacy with an iron will and a relentless thirst for darkness. It was amidst the swirling maelstrom of chaos and creativity that his main arsenal of sonic devastation, Synergy of Souls, emerged, unleashing their debut full-length assault: "...From Darkness to Darkness."

With Morbid at the helm, Synergy of Souls carved a path through the tumult of the early 2000s, channeling the ferocity of giants like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Hate Eternal into a uniquely Mexican manifestation of death metal fury. Their sound was a symphony of savagery, a relentless onslaught of sonic brutality that left no ear unscathed.

"...From Darkness to Darkness" was more than just an album—it was a manifesto of malevolence, a testament to the power of darkness that coursed through Morbid's veins. Each track was a descent into the abyss, exploring themes of darkness, evil spirits, the human condition, and the raw, unbridled power of the infernal.

Produced by Morbid himself, the album bore the mark of his twisted genius, its every note dripping with venom and vitriol. Behind the thunderous assault of drums by Lexoz666 and the razor-sharp lead guitars of Mictian (Jorge Trigo), Morbid's vocals and rhythm guitars served as the unholy conduit through which the darkest forces of the universe flowed.

But "...From Darkness to Darkness" was only the beginning. As the flames of their debut LP illuminated the night sky, Synergy of Souls ascended to even greater heights, their dynasty of darkness spreading like wildfire across the metal landscape. And at the heart of it all stood Morbid Blackstar, a dark star burning bright in the endless night of metal's underworld.



But it was on the stages of the Festival de la Cancion at the University of ITESM where Morbid truly came into his own. Year after year, he unleashed his yearly act, CRUCIFIRE, upon unsuspecting audiences, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. The Auditorio Elizondo itself trembled beneath the onslaught of his relentless brutality, as Morbid Blackstar cemented his reputation as one of metal's most formidable frontmen.

As the years passed, Morbid's legend only grew, his name whispered in hushed tones by those who dared to defy the norm. His music became a rallying cry for the dispossessed and the disillusioned, a beacon of hope in a world consumed by darkness.

And though his journey has been fraught with peril and uncertainty, Morbid Blackstar remains undaunted, a dark star burning bright in the endless night of metal's underworld. For as long as there are souls to be set ablaze by the flames of rebellion, Morbid Blackstar will stand as their infernal guide, leading them ever deeper into the abyss.

belzabet / A Mors et Bello

As a disciple of the abyss, he wielded his guitar with lethal precision in the raw black metal realms of A Morst Et Bello, carving his mark into the very fabric of darkness from 2004 to 2007. But it was with the vampiric black metal juggernaut, Belzabet, where Morbid truly found his infernal calling.

In the shadowy depths of Monterrey's metal scene, Belzabet reigned supreme, their sonic invocations dripping with the blood of sacrificial rites and occult mysteries. Fronted by the enigmatic Sir Dacri, Belzabet's dark hymns echoed through the ages, leaving a trail of shattered minds and enthralled souls in their wake. From the infernal depths of their debut demo, "In Penumbra," to the present day, Belzabet's legacy is etched in the annals of metal history.

But Morbid's journey didn't end with Belzabet.Yet, amidst the chaos, being part of both the Death Metal and Black Metal circles, Morbid maintained a delicate balance, a symphony of brutality and darkness that spoke to his mastery of the macabre.

It was during these tumultuous times that Morbid's fascination with vampirism reached its zenith. Through years of esoteric study and unholy communion, he forged his own path into the shadows, implanted long and sharp Vampire Fangs in his mouth and culminating in the creation of his magnum opus, "The Darkest of Fears." A vampire script ten years in the making, it stands as a testament to Morbid's unwavering dedication to the darkest corners of the occult.

Now, as the echoes of his past reverberate through the night, Morbid stands as a sentinel of the abyss, his music a beacon for those who dare to tread the path of darkness. In a world consumed by light, he remains steadfast in his allegiance to the shadows, a true disciple of the blackened arts.


Dynasty of Darkness (prEV. DEATH OF DESIRE]

Morbid's musical odyssey reads like a dark symphony carved from the very fabric of nightmares. In 2008, amidst the ancient corridors of a Nazi military complex in Europe, Death of Desire was born from the ashes of forbidden exploration. With guitars in hand, draped in corpsepaint and bullet belts, Morbid and his compatriots conjured their infernal melodies from the haunted depths of that accursed place.

Transplanting their infernal creativity to the sun-soaked shores of San Diego, California, Death of Desire continued to craft their sonic tapestry, enlisting the legendary Jan Axel Blomberg, known as Hellhammer, to command the rhythmic onslaught. With the addition of Pzy Clone's orchestral sorcery and the haunting vocals of Attila Csihar, Dynasty of Darkness emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

Yet, as the pieces fell into place, the journey took a tumultuous turn. Personal and professional conflicts threatened to unravel their dark vision. Their vocalist left the band weeks after having completed the album in the studio. But where others faltered, Morbid rose to the challenge, seizing the mantle of vocalist and guiding Death of Desire through the fires of adversity. Changing the name to DYNASTY OF DARKNESS the album was completed through many series of trials and tribulations that hailed from the abyss to destroy and stop the album from being made.

Under the watchful eye of Morbid Angel's Steve Tucker, "Empire of Pain" emerged from the crucible of creation, a testament to perseverance and artistic vision. Imhotep Magazine hailed it as a masterpiece, anointed with the title of 'the most significant debut of its time'.

But Dynasty of Darkness was more than just a musical entity; it was a gateway to other realms of creativity. The album's tracks became the haunting soundtrack to Morbid's forthcoming feature film, "NECROMURDER: Morbid," a cinematic journey into the heart of darkness. Their music won them the prestigious award of 'Best Music' at the Legendary and leading Horror Festival 'Shockfest Film Festival' proving that Morbid's works and compositions are a force to be reckon with and seminal pieces of Metal creations that are elemental for the Scene and the Artistic Community.

Though their live performances were scarce, each note resonated with the intensity of a ritualistic invocation, leaving an indelible mark on those who bore witness. And while Morbid briefly turned his gaze towards the silver screen, the whispers of a new Dynasty of Darkness album linger in the shadows, promising a resurgence of blackened symphonies yet to come.

For Morbid, Dynasty of darkness is more than just a band; it's a testament to the unyielding spirit of artistic expression in the face of adversity. And as the shadows lengthen and the echoes of their music reverberate through the ages, Death of Desire stands as a beacon of darkness in a world consumed by light.



Morbid's journey through the depths of despair is a testament to the transformative power of pain and darkness. Betrayed by love and abandoned by his muse, he found solace in the embrace of drugs and alcohol, descending into a maelstrom of self-destruction and desolation.

From the ashes of his shattered heart emerged SLITWRIST, a raw and unrelenting expression of his inner torment. Embracing the bleak landscape of Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, Morbid unleashed his primal screams of anguish, each note dripping with the venom of his ravaged soul.

"Died in Pain," SLITWRIST's debut LP, stands as a monument to Morbid's raw honesty and unyielding brutality. Nine tracks of pure, unadulterated agony, captured in the homemade crucible of his own despair.

But as the flames of creativity burned bright, so too did the fires of controversy. The music video for "Died in Pain" ignited a storm of controversy and condemnation, thrusting Morbid into the unforgiving spotlight of internet scrutiny. Cyberbullied and vilified, he became a casualty of the digital age, his art overshadowed by the viciousness of online witch hunts. In 2014, and before we even had the 'Cancel Culture' term, Morbid suffered the unavoidable doom and was Cancelled and lost all his body of work. [Cyberbully Documentary in the Making] Awakening to a nightmare beyond his darkest fantasies, Morbid found himself thrust into a world of surreal horror.

News outlets across the globe branded him the "Blue Child," a phantom lurking in the shadows of unsolved mysteries. Accused of crimes he never committed, his very identity twisted and distorted by the merciless gaze of sensationalist media, Morbid stood at the precipice of madness. In the depths of his anguish, Morbid teetered on the edge of oblivion, his soul consumed by the shadows that threatened to engulf him. In a moment of despair, he made the ultimate choice, seeking solace in the embrace of death. Yet, fate had other plans, and against all odds, he survived, reborn from the ashes of his own destruction. It was a second chance, a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness that threatened to consume him whole.

Years passed, scars healed, but the echoes of his tumultuous journey lingered, casting a long shadow over his life. And then, like a specter from the past, Netflix unearthed his story, weaving it into the fabric of their documentary, "CRIME SCENE: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel." Morbid's harrowing tale became a cautionary tale, a testament to the fragility of the human psyche in the face of unspeakable horrors.

But from the depths of despair, he drew strength, his music a defiant anthem against the forces of ignorance and hysteria. With every chord, every scream, he reclaimed his truth, a beacon of defiance in a world consumed by fear and falsehoods. And as the echoes of his music reverberate through the corridors of history, Morbid stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Yet, through it all, Morbid endured, his music a defiant roar against the abyss. As the credits rolled and the world watched in awe, Morbid stood tall, a survivor, a phoenix risen from the ashes, his journey a testament to the indomitable resilience of the human spirit. And though the shadows may still linger, Morbid marches forward, a beacon of hope in a world consumed by darkness.




Yet, from the ashes of destruction, Morbid rises once more. Teaming up with the acclaimed producer Mariano 'Acostadetodo', he embarks on a new chapter of darkness and despair. "Hotel Hell" EP, a chilling testament to his resilience and defiance, marks the rebirth of SLITWRIST, a phoenix ascending from the ashes of its own demise.

As Morbid and Mariano prepare to unleash their latest single upon the world, the echoes of SLITWRIST reverberate through the halls of eternity, a haunting reminder of the power of pain and the indomitable spirit of artistic expression.



Slitwrist Hotel Hell EP HD2 brighter.jpg


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