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ET speaks with Pablo Vergara, AKA ‘Morbid,’ about ‘Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel,’ streaming now on Netflix. Vergara opens up about the accusations he received online, which he says ‘spread like wildfire’ following the death of Elisa Lam at Cecil Hotel. Vergara revealed he doesn’t have his own conclusion about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Lam’s death, and says there’s ‘always gonna be that mystery.’

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Pablo Vergara es Morbid, el músico mexicano de Black Metal que aparece en “Escena del crimen: desaparición del hotel Cecil”, a quien los detectives de Internet responsabilizaron de la muerte de la joven Elisa Lam y que después se descubrió que no tuvo nada que ver.



Internet sleuths had discovered videos of Vergara at the Cecil Hotel. As Vergara often performs music in character—dressed in makeup and trench coats and perpetrating fictional violence in his music videos—the sleuths fingered him as a suspect.



While true crime fans tried to crack the case, many of them took their obsession too far, falsely accusing the death metal musician Morbid of committing the crime, even though he wasn't in the United States, much less L.A. at the time of Lam's death. He makes an appearance in the Netflix doc to share his side of the story and explain how legions of internet conspiracy theorists ruined his life. Here's everything to know about him:



“You’re constantly looking over your shoulder, you get death threats everywhere, all the time,” Vergara tells Loudwire in an exclusive video interview. “You can’t win, so you’ve got to formulate a way to survive. Mine was trying to walk away from it, completely turn my back on it, but that was after my suicide attempt. At a certain point … it feels like there’s no escape.”



Facts didn’t seem to matter to the people contacting Vergara. Instead, it seemed like they were just enjoying having someone to mess with. “It's almost like they're trying to save someone by "destroying" someone else, and I don't find that a very honourable thing to do,” says Vergara. “They completely missed the point. Just looking at pictures online doesn't make you a detective, right? They knew I wasn't even in the country, my video on YouTube was dated 2012, and they didn’t care about that. And that's the beauty of that whole story, it's just ridiculous. I'm having trouble trying to rationalise the whole thing.”



Caught up in this already tragic story was a man named Pablo Vergara, with the stage name, Morbid. All of this stems from a small miscommunication between the Police and the media regarding the hatch of the tank being open or closed, which led to people trying to make a conclusion of her death being accidental or cold-blooded murder. 



'It made a deep impression on me, interviewing him, just how painful all of this still was for him. It made him stop making music. Whether his music is your taste or not, he is a creative artist, but he felt shut down from doing anything for seven years. So there is a dark side to false accusation, obviously, and trading in conspiracy theory. '



Another much discussed theory was that death metal musician Morbid was behind it, because he’d stayed at the hotel and his lyrics included a girl dying in water.



He’s had several interviews, telling his story and what he’s been through with ET Online and now with Metal Magazine tomorrow. He wants people to understand the consequences of what they say and do online and how it can affect people. He is now spreading the message about cyberbullying and how it is a crime what happened to him.

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El cantante Pablo Vergara fue vinculado a un asesinato; ocho años después él habla sobre lo ocurrido y confiesa que estuvo a punto de quitarse la vida. No te pierdas la entrevista que le hizo


a las 5pm/4c en #PrimerImpacto.



Morbid, or Pablo Vergara, is a death metal musician who found himself in the middle of the Elisa Lam case after web sleuths looked into his videos. A year before Lam died, he posted a video about staying at the Cecil Hotel. People started digging up songs on his channel about someone drowning and young woman being chased and murdered. Web sleuths thought that he was leaving crumbs to flaunt the fact that he murdered Lam

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Orny welcomes guest Pablo "Morbid" Vergara who was falsely accused of murder by internet sleuths and was featured in a documentary called "Crime Scene: The Vanishing from the Cecil Hotel." Also, Orny takes us through a journey of what's wrong with taking Italian classes online and why people always need to have another activity while being on the phone. All audio podcasts can be found anyplace you get your podcasts. 

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He’s had several interviews, telling his story and what he’s been through with ET Online and now with Metal Magazine tomorrow. He wants people to understand the consequences of what they say and do online and how it can affect people. He is now spreading the message about cyberbullying and how it is a crime what happened to him.

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Film maker, artist, Activist & Survivor


Pablo Vergara( The Morbid One) due to his artistic expression was the prime suspect when Canadian student Elisa Lam went missing from the Cecil Hotel.

Pablo received death threats and vile torment from online abusers, closing down his life's work and branding him a MURDERER 



Dynasty of Darkness, Slitwrist y otras historias después del Hotel Cecil.

Pablo Vergara Aka. Morbid Blackstar y su regreso a la música luego del ataque cibernético.

Este miércoles 17 de marzo a partir de las 8:00 p.m. por: y el F.Live de FONTIBÓNmedios

Opening Act: HEADCRUSHER (Vía SoundBlast Media).

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The Netflix documentary, ‘Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel’ features an interview with musician and film-maker Pablo Camilo Vergara, aka Morbid.

Morbid, a death metal musician, was falsely accused by amateur internet sleuths as being responsible for the death of 21-year-old Elisa Lam at the notorious Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles - despite evidence that he was in a completely different country (Mexico) at the time. 

Accusations were based on his gothic appearance and having visited the Cecil Hotel previously.

Relentless allegations led to Morbid’s social media and financial accounts suspension, countless death threats, and eventually attempting to take his own life.

In this candid interview with Jonathan Gabay of Thought and Leaders, Morbid discusses how people are quick to make assumptions in our web-connected world. Sometimes, such beliefs can lead to horrendous consequences.

Pablo (Morbid) has since created multi-award-winning films, including Necromurder.



He was a musician with some, er, spooky videos.

Morbid had been a musician, actor, screenwriter, and photographer in Mexico for many years before the Lam internet sleuths became aware of him. What the sleuths really homed in on were his music videos, which featured murder, violence, and even images of serial killers. Some of the scariest parts of The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel were the clips where they showed Morbid’s YouTube videos with him in his scary makeup. But as we all know, making a scary video doesn’t make you a murderer.



Coming Soon

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Netflix’s ‘The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel’ Pablo “Morbid” Vergara Receives Call From Jared Leto

Since the release of the series, Vergara has created a new social media presence and has gotten back into music. He’s found a new community that supports his creativity and who have apologized on part of the terrible people who have been harassing him for so long.

According to Vergara on his Facebook page, 30 Seconds to Mars singer, Joker star, and Oscar winner Jared Leto gave him a call! He posted the news just an hour ago saying,

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