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My Darklings,

It's been some months since the release of NETFLIX'S CRIME SCENE: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.

During this time I've built a beautiful family of supporters, partners and new friends and I'd like to thank you all for believing in me, for your support and words of encouragement, It really means the world to me 🖤

What have I've been up to lately?

Well I'm working very hard on new music & fighting against #cyberbullying too - My team & I are pushing to take this to the next level, can't wait to  show you my new projects and future endeavors, they totally kick ass!


I've launched a fundraiser in order for me and my band to get back to the studio and finish that album we left incomplete because of the idiotic Web Sleuths trying to cancel us... So far we've recorded half the album, a music video and reached 50% of our goal, but we have ran into a wall, and we hope we can count on you, so we can continue with our work and finish the LP! Any contribution will bring us closer to our goal and it'll grant you a FREE Digital Download of the music once it's done! Plus special thanks on the credits of all our projects Film and Music alike! 

For now make sure to check my Press and #stopcyberbullying menu to catch up with our latest endeavors and some of the coolest interviews I've ever made, trust me, this one's really hit a nerve! 

Let's stop the hate crimes and the cyber abuse! The change starts with you!


There are a few ways you can support me to help me get back to where I left of and resurrect my music career,

You can:

1. Join my mailing list (and claim your free Gift)

2. Support my band's Fundraiser

Go to: 


3. Sign and Share my petition - So I can get the attention of Labels 

4. Join my Patreon - and find the most amazing behind the scenes material and VIP stuff!

5. Book your personalized videos (NEW!!)



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