My Darklings,

It's been some months since the release of NETFLIX'S CRIME SCENE: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.

During this time I've built a beautiful family of supporters, partners and new friends and I'd like to thank you all for believing in me once again, for your support and all the words of encouragement, It really means the world to me 🖤

What have I've been up to lately?

I have just finished my first EP 'HOTEL HELL' for my band SLITWRIST along with the music video of Room 0917 [Died in Pain] and relocated to Europe for a season to start working on new music and have begun shooting a new music video for the track Room 0792 [Self-Murder]... Make sure to support my new fundraiser if you liked my first batch of songs.

I have finished shooting my first Black Metal Noir movie called NECROMURDER, which I directed, starred on and did all the music for, make sure to check the updates on the menu and join the Mailinglist so you don't miss any updates.

I've been fighting against #cyberbullying too - My team & I are pushing to take this to the next level, make sure to check all the amazing interviews I've done in media magazines and podcasts, all in #stopcyberbullying and Press menus.

Let's stop the hate crimes and the cyber abuse! The change starts with you!



There are a few ways you can support me to help me get back to where I left of and resurrect my music career,

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Ghoul Night Sweet Screams




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